Forest School is our flagship program at ReWild, and it’s easily our most popular. Stated simply, Forest School is preschool in the out-of-doors. Based on a decades-old Scandinavian model called, ‘skovbørnehave’, our individualized program is not a standards-based, academic kindergarten prep-school, but rather an opportunity for your child to experience all-around development in a nurturing environment that is age-appropriate and fun. No car line, no sitting down and facing forward under fluorescent lights, and no shushing, the skovbørnehave curriculum encourages kids to move around, run, jump, breathe deep, and experience nature, no matter the season. 


Through guided play and activities, children learn without even realizing they are being taught.  Forest School programs foster confidence, independence, motivation, concentration and memory, critical thinking and problem solving, social and emotional skills, communication and language skills, as well as physical skills like balance, strength and agility. Further, evidence even shows children who spend significant time outside in nature experience enhanced physical and mental health outcomes. 


Forest school is rarely canceled due to inclement weather. IN fact, “there is no bad weather, only bad clothing”, to paraphrase A.W. Wainwright, a British author and outdoorsman. Our instructors will help you plan ahead with specific instructions for what to wear, how to layer, and what items will help your child have the best possible experience. Spending time in nature is best experienced in all four seasons, not just the easy ones. As you plan what items to collect, start with the basics: rain jacket, boots, thick socks, gloves, UV protective tops and rash guards, and long underwear. It is not necessary to spend exorbitant amounts of money on these items. Many can be had at children’s consignment shops with very little wear, as kids outgrow clothing so quickly. 

As you consider Forest School for your pre-school age child, consider the words of Albert Einstien: “Look deeper into nature and you will understand everything better.”