It’s not just preschoolers who benefit from ReWild’s outdoor programs. ReWild offers a program for girls ages 10-14 designed to foster self-confidence and independence, decrease over-reliance on screens and technology for mental stimulation and positive reinforcement, and introduce this population to the outdoors at a critical time in their emotional development when having healthy outlets and alternatives is essential to creating a balanced life. 


Young girls are especially susceptible to societal pressures presented to them on social media. To balance this, ReWild’s Girl’s Nature Retreat seeks to refocus the minds of girls in this impressionable and vulnerable age group. Our specially-developed discussion topics and activities seek to counter the negative messages that attack girls’ self-esteem and seem endemic in today’s society.


Planned activities include mindfulness practice, lessons in stress management skills, and structured sessions in creating peer connections and making new friends.


Activities such as nature journaling and outdoor cooking foster a love of and immersion in nature.  


Therapeutic hikes introduce the concept of unplugging and experiencing the outdoors in the moment. 


In addition, the time-honored tradition of arts and crafts is practiced, with the creation of art objects that will become treasured pieces long after class ends and the routine of everyday life returns. 


Sign-ups are on the ACTIVITIES link on the main page.