You are signing up for the Fall 2022 session of Mini Forest School.

September 12th through November 17th (10 weeks)
Monday & Thursday

Location: Coler Grove Pavillion


Ages 4-6 years

Max number of spots in program: 16

Forest School Tuition Fall 2022: $240 ($12 per session)

Rewild Arkansas is a non-profit organization that provides nature programming for all kids to encourage exploration and a love for outdoor play experiences. We believe that kids need more outdoor experiences and less time on screens for optimal physical and emotional development and well-being. Our community programs are for all children. Nature is for everyone!

Christy & Melissa, co-executive directors of Rewild Arkansas Inc. and owners of ReWild The Child NWA LLC,  have spent the last four years of providing numerous outdoor programming for kids, and have developed Rewild Arkansas Inc.’s own forest school curriculum. This unique curriculum focuses on sensory play, fine motor skills, and social skills development. Rewild Arknasas Inc. programming encourages nature exploration, peer connections, and communication skills. Children’s brains and bodies need movement and sensory play to learn best. What better environment to provide sensory rich opportunities for brain development than the great outdoors!

Activities include: hiking, nature art, building projects, stories, games, nature education topics, and snack time.

We value our relationship with our community partners to be able to utilize the beautiful nature spaces in our town, and we pass that along to our forest schoolers through appropriate trail and greenway etiquette, pack it in/pack it out, and leaving nature as we found it so that they grow up and continue to take care of our parks and preserves.

No refunds one week before session begins; supplies have already been purchased. Cancellations 2 weeks ahead of program start will be 50% refund.

No refunds for absences.

*Minimum of 10 kids to register for event to proceed.

Payment due in full within 48 hours of application submission.

Program Sign-up Form

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I understand that Rewild Arkansas will not be responsible for the medical expenses incurred, but that such expenses will be my responsibility as parent/guardian.(Required)
My child meets all Requirements: 1) Not a flight risk, 2) Follows directions individually and in a group setting, 3) Verbally independent, 4) Independent with basic self-care activities (dressing, toileting, feeding).(Required)
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I understand that my child's spot in the program is not secured until payment in full is received.(Required)
I hereby give permission for my child to be photographed by ReWild Arkansas, Inc. to be used for social media, education purposes, power point presentations about programming, and promotional purposes for future programming.(Required)
I understand that if my child presents with challenging behaviors and is not able to be redirected, or becomes a safety risk to others, I will be called to pick them up from mini forest school immediately, and they shall not return until a meeting has been completed with the Rewild Team.(Required)
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I understand that there will be no refunds for sessions missed once the program begins.(Required)