Most parents want to do everything in their power to ensure their kids get a good start in life, but what if we told you there is something you can do now that will benefit even the very tiniest of children for the rest of their lives and into old age. You’d want to do that thing right away, right? This thing is so easy, costs nothing (unless you want it to) and is around us all day, every day. 

That thing is playing outside. 

Children need to spend time outdoors. And so do you. Sunshine, fresh air, freedom to move, these things benefit us all, but they benefit children most of all. Following are 6 reasons why children need to play outside everyday, as outlined by no less an authority than Harvard Medical School. 

  1. Sunlight. We all need it. Just a few minutes a day helps vitamin D production, and sunlight early in the day helps you sleep better.
  2. Exercise. It doesn’t have to be structured. Just make sure that all total, your kids spend at least an hour outside daily.
  3. Executive Function. The skills that help us navigate life are learned and practiced when kids are allowed unstructured time to Just Be.
  4. Risk-Taking. Bubbles are for soap. Not children.
  5. Socialization. Kids make friends on the playground. These early relationships set the foundation for all relationships to come for the rest of their lives.
  6. Love of Nature. Nature is all around us. Allow your kids time to explore nature and be curious. Nature is calming, and can help thwart the development of anxiety and depression, and relieves stress in children and adults. 

If you’re curious, you can read the whole story here.