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Read the latest ideas and observations from relevant thought leaders and Rewild’s Staff & Founders

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Provide the Northwest Arkansas community with unique educational and recreational programming opportunities to inspire nature connection and holistic wellness for lifelong positive health engagement.

What is forest school?

Here’s a quick read about our premiere preschool program, Rewild’s Forest School


“I know my daughter is in good hands when I leave her at Rewild Forest School. Not only are Christy and Melissa qualified and personable, their programming encourages creativity, curiosity and most importantly a love of and respect for nature. We cannot wait to see what they do in the future!”

“My daughter is 6 and loves to be outside. It’s so hard to find opportunities for her to be outside and in an environment where she can learn from outdoor play and discovery. When I discovered ReWild the Child I knew we had found the perfect place for our family! They do an excellent job of providing sensory activities, physical adventures, and teaching my daughter about local wildlife and plants. We are so grateful they are providing this much needed service for our community! The teachers are so kind and make each child feel so important. Cannot recommend this program enough!”

“Both of my daughters have attended Mini Forest School, and I love how it’s developed their confidence in being outside. They still pack their pockets full of acorns, petals, and interesting pebbles every time we go for a walk, and they react to bugs and worms with calm curiosity (which was not the case before). Christy and Melissa gave them an appreciation of nature that they’ll carry forever.”

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Read the latest ideas and observations from relevant thought leaders and Rewild’s Staff & Founders

Go Outside

Go Outside

Most parents want to do everything in their power to ensure their kids get a good start in life, but what if we told you there is something you can do now that will benefit even the very tiniest of children for the rest of their lives and into old age. You’d want to...